For Our Alta California Regional Center Clients

Adaptive Skills Training (AST) Service

ACRC's consumers receive this ABA-based AST Service after being referred to Applied Milestones. 

(*) This AST Service is NOT available as a private pay option.

For 2018, This  AST Program is offered in 

English Language 

Russian language

Spanish Language

Ukrainian Language 

Vietnamese Language


Should you choose this AST Service, please contact Your ACRC Service Coordinator for further information.  Applied Milestones can provide only general information about this program.

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Appeals and Complaints: Your Rights

DDS, CA developed comprehensive tools 

to exercise your right to complain on actions ( or inactions ) of 


Regional Center, 

Service Coordinator, 

Service Providers.

  DDS, CA empowers you with direct instructions 

on how to file a complaint or appeal 

in matters related to DDS,  

your Regional Center, 

your Service Coordinator, 

or your Service Provider

Appeals and Complaints: info and Forms