Building Skills for Independence: Workshops and Seminars

Building Skill for Independence covers all Adaptive Skills that a child or a young adult needs to master at Home, Society, and School (General Ed or/and Special Ed). These affordable workshops and seminars are available for individual families and/or groups for in-person and/or a webinar format. Training materials and ample resources are individually tailored for each client's training topics.

Example of most popular workshops and seminars for Parents:

* Positive Behavior Support, Motivation, and teaching new skills to your child

*Successful IEP,  Educational Placements, FAPE

* Self-Help Skills Basic (ex: Toilet Training, Dressing,  Showering, Preparing Simple Snacks)

* Successful Work/Study skills: Completing all Chores and Homework On-time 

* Pre-Employment Skills and College-Ready Skills for Teenagers/Young Adults

All workshops and seminars  will provide each parent/family member 

with the detailed "how to"  design for the skills they want to teach their child


 is a meeting where  participants are actively involved in learning process and participate in hands-on exercises. Popular choice when multiple skills and topics to be discussed.

[6 hours total can be  delivered over 2 meetings].

Seminar :

is a lecture with active discussions and hands-on  exercises at the end  of each meeting

1-2  skills/topics only due to the limited time (ex: Toilet Training, Dressing, Prep to IEP)

[3 hours total ]

All Workshops and Seminars available for

Individual Families 

Small Groups

Available Format*: In-Person (*Webinars available  per request)

   (*)  There is NO WAITING list .

If you are struggling and need help  - please contact us 

to request  detailed information on how to receive 

our affordable workshop designed for you

Our Training Team 

All members of our Training Team  have Master Degrees and many years

 of professional experience teaching skills to children and adults. 

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Assessment: Milestones of Your Child's Development

Age Group: Birth through 6.5 years old. Assessment of Milestones of Your Child's Development: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognitive, Social, Language, and Self-Help areas of functioning. Reason: to determine child’s current levels of functioning and develop enhanced tailored plan with parents how to improve your child's skills and achieve age-appropriate milestones

Popular Workshop for Parents who focus on School Readiness Success

 (Pre-K,  K, 1st  grade)

  1. The Assessment of age-appropriate milestones: ages birth through 6.5 y. old. Areas covered: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognitive, Social, Language, Self-Help  
  2. Complementary Individual Milestones of Development chart, parent training on teaching the Milestones of Development. Other: phone and web-based support - provided 

Tailored plan on How To Teach Skills to achieve

 milestones of development are available in English and other languages

Delivery Format: Workshop

Assessment is done over 1.5 workshops (9 hours).  Parents actively involved in all steps and participate in hands-on activities. 

[9 hours total can be  delivered over 3 meetings].

About this Evidence Based Assessment

  • This is not a diagnostic tool - this is just a "snapshot" of all milestones where your child is at the moment of assessment
  • This assessment - is an excellent resource to follow your child's development 
  • This tool is an exact map of your child's milestones of development and areas of development where your child could be falling behind

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IEP/Educational Consultation

School or School District IEP Meeting and Educational Advocacy: We represent your child’s best academic/educational opportunities on behalf and together with the parents/legal guardians. *Minimum 2 hours of service is required.

* This is an hourly Service

* Two Complimentary 20 min meetings before and after IEP included

Additional service may include explanation of your child's IEP in your language 

(Current translations available:  Russian, Spanish , Vietnamese ) 

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School Success

Educational Coaching for Your Child and Parent Training for You on Educational Opportunities

* This is an Hourly Service (4-12 hours/week) 

* Tailored to Students in General Education and with an IEP or 504 Plan

* This Program is Designed to Maximize Your Child's Academic Skills and Knowledge

* Complimentary weekly meetings per week

* Complimentary Strategies for Positive Social Behavior at School

  1. We work with all school programs: General Education, Special Education, and Home School programs
  2. Charter Schools, Public Schools, Private and Religious Schools
  3. Tutoring your Child in All Academic Subjects (and mastering your child 's IEP goals faster)
  4. Training Parents on Effective Teaching Techniques 
  5. Effective and Efficient Educational Sessions with your Student (advancement in all school work and homework)
  6. Training Parents. Special Ed: How To Move to Least Restrictive Environment
  7. Training Parents. General Ed: What Classes To Choose (Path to College)
  8. Training Parents: Successful IEP and General Ed Options
  9. Teaching Parents. Applicable Laws and Regulations in General and Special Education

Additional service may include an explanation of your child's IEP or other School Papers in your language (Russian, Spanish , Vietnamese) 

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