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About Applied Milestones


Why do our clients choose Appplied Milestones?

Our professional passion to create better outcomes for consumers with different abilities became the core purpose for developing our unique age appropriate and developmentally tailored high quality programs. These programs are focused on expanding our clients’ abilities and skills to higher levels of performance; often meeting milestones of development of same-age peers. 

     We provide a variety of process-and-result oriented programs and services to children, adults, and their families at home and school environments.  

     Our programs are tailored for  a wide range of clients: those who are of typical development but need improvement in success in Life Skills and Education, and those who have disabilities and are in need of essential life skills for independence in life.  We also provide a wide range of Educational Consulting for all students in General Education and  Special Education. 

     All our programs are tailored to the clients we work with.

     Currently we provide ABA and Developmentally Focused Adaptive Skills Training (all Life Skills and Developmental Domains), Executive Skills Training, Educational Programs for Special Ed, General Ed, and all modified Education for children with active IEP’s and 504 Plans. All our programs include components of Parent Training and Parent Education (IEP, IPP, Advocacy and Community Involvement, ABA, Behavior Support at home and School, Social Skills). 

     We keep our promise for providing high quality programs. 

     Our clients graduate from our programs with significantly higher levels of performance of the skills they were working to improve (or learn), and the clients' family members exit our programs empowered and knowledgeable in regulations, resources, and the ability to advocate for their child in variety of situations.

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Who Provides Direct Training to Our Clients? Our Highly Educated and Exceptionally Experienced Program Specialists!

We believe that providing High Quality Services to consumers with different abilities calls for employing highly educated and experienced Program Specialists. Our Program Specialists conduct assessments and implement customized programs that are built on the current scientific research, and focus on individual strengths of our clients in order to achieve efficient and effective results.  

     Program Specialists directly working with our clients have Bachelors Degrees and participate in higher education programs, conferences, and monthly professional  training meetings. In June  2018, we are proud to state that all of our  current direct staff working with clients will have Masters Degrees in variety of complex disciplines such as Psychology, ABA, Child Development, Teaching, and School Counseling.

     Our Program Specialists are fluent in English and other languages. 

Please send us an inquiry  for dual language programs. 

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It Is All About Real Life: Ability, Motivation, Attitude

All our programs are designed to improve each client's life and their family lives by teaching them effective tools for success. 

For some success is independence in daily living routines, enjoying time spent with family, and learning to gain and keep friendships.  For others, success is receiving a high school diploma, receiving a diver's license, and learning work skills for employment.

     Our Programs teach Life Skills, Work Skills, Self-Help Daily Routines, Study Skills, Social Skills. . Our Parent Trainings and Consulting include  Positive Behavior Support Techniques, trainings on General and Special education, homeschooling; preparing for successful IPPs, IEPs.

We believe our clients are able and will be performing tasks well once they learn the tools for success. 

     We motivate our clients and teach self-motivation strategies so that they can reach their potentials find new possibilities in life. 

     We also support a healthy attitude; we teach our clients skills that significantly increase their performance levels in all aspects of Life Skills, Work Skills, Self-Help Daily Routines, Study Skills, Social Skills.

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