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 ~ All our presenters are highly experienced and exceptionally Trained in Training:
Masters or Bachelors degrees in ECE, Child Development, Applied Behavior Analysis, Psychology, or similar fields
     - Many years of successful staff training development, DD/ECE program design, and supervision in ECE and Mental Health
     - Current Site Supervisor Permits in Child Care and Development, Commission on teacher Credentialing, CA 
     - Current Program Director Permits in Child Care and Development, Commission on teacher Credentialing, CA
(your presenter's State of CA awarded Permit may be searchable through

  ~  A
ll events may be conducted in English, Russian, or Japanese languages .  Long-Distance Training available per request.

  ~ Examples of successful training events conducted by Applied Milestones in 2010 - 2012 for professionals, paraprofessionals, and parents:
         - Developmentally Appropriate Curriculums (ECE centers) Palo Alto, CA
         - Successful Teaching Methods in ECE, Cupertino, CA
         - Autism Spectrum  - parent training and support, via SKYPE, private training 
         - Children with Autism in your ECE classroom: mainstreaming or inclusion?, Palo Alto, CA
         - Supporting child with Autism in a childcare setting: staff training, via SKYPE, private training 
         - Behavior Support (classroom-wide),  Sacramento, CA
         - Early Childhood and INCLUSIVE environments, via SKYPE, private training 
         - Families and Cultural Sensitivity, Yuba City, CA 
         - Social Skills for children with ASD, Yuba City, CA
         - Flexibility Training, Yuba City, CA
         - Administration of a Child Care Center: motivating your staff, Palo Alto, CA
Developing Skills, Talents: children and adolescents with Autism and Aspergers, Marysville, CA
   - Applied Milestones Specialists will meet your needs and create
      your individual trainings, workshops, and lectures.
   - We will work with you and your staff to achieve optimal results.
   - Please send your inquires and topics for desired events to: or, call us  1-888-97-888-37
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